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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today very tired cause yesterday ton the whole day
wa lao eh sleepy sia.But neh mind i went cycling
with xj then go fetch my sis go piano class then i
go play and slag after that went out and home
not much today la just very the tired la....
Oh ya almost forgot
Qi en the geek spec from 77th street can or not
i take pic liaw
See ar
Neh mind tomorow then post the pic ok Qi en
sorry ar....
i go sleep le bye!!!!!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yesterday actually wan to go out to OCH or red house
but all too scary so go vivo. ok la quite fun then
after vivo we go pasir ris park. I go with Qi en(mei),hui ling,
Zesh,nico(mei),nico friend for got her name pai seh ar,
Shen wei,Peng Xiang,Joyce,Jermaine and jonathan. we go to pit 8
sit sit talk talk then go buy beer drink until drunk
but i nrh drink la i good boy ma. After drink ing alot of people
start to drunk not alot la actually then got fight here fight
there angry here angry there then got sad somemore
then after problem settle then we go home...
ok la was quite fun la but once at Pasir ris park not
that fun liaw.....
ok la post until here ba i go sleep again....

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today was Mid autumn festival we had alot of fun!!!
At night we go play candle at the badminton
court then the fucking town council set new
rule (cannot play candle or burn paper
or wat fucking thing la)
i also heck care i go take the notice then
put at people mail box hahaha joke!!
we play all the way until 11 pm
so late i also very tired
then the fucking neighbour go call
police come down catch us fuck they purposely
go off the lights fuck pcb
we vary the angry but in the
end still had fun la
not tt bad la
and i got take pic of my
art piece using candle wax
take a look ar......

ok la post until here i wan go sleep alresdy good night

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Hai today went to celebrate shannon b day
we went to cs play arcade then suddenly
got fight with Xin yan they all
then they go home lor....
then went to T1 to play somemore arcade
very the sian lor then go eat BBQ
chicken kok siang eat until damn
cute leh....
then go for somemore arcade then go home
thats all for today ...

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today at school in the morning like a normal
day then during science lesson
was the best mr lim teach us half way then
very the du lan then keep us for recess then
we all protest he bo bian then let us go for recess.
went for maths class late then the claudia
the one hold the record for the most times
digging her nose she forget to zip her skirt
cause she damn the fat then she wear red
pantis haha joke sia then the shannon(bro)
go disturb her until she cry like siao
but in the end get scolding from miss Ong but
not about this but people hu pon class lor
they damn stupid sia sure know will get caught
then still pon hais...
All for today !!!!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi every one i very long neh post cause com spoil donno wat shit happen
to the fucking com. Today skip Home econ class
with shannon and dong weng damn fun
almost dio suspend and caught then
fake fake go counselling the teacher believe wat we say ,
Damn Stupid
After School,Wait for my father go makan then
he say he at Jurong so i go myself lor....
We go donno where but i know the $1.30 Chicken rice wan
ar that place.I not so hungry so eat a little bit cause
saving for Shannon b day VERY IMPORTANT lor
This Thursday ok!!!
cannot bash him la Damn '___'
cause later my b day he also will bash me
Went home to study but in the end sleep for 2 hours
OMG!!! then use com, then eat dinner ,then study again
then go sleep
Wishing all my Gan brothers and Gan sis the best for
EOY ok!!! Study hard get promoted ok don retain ho
ok la End here !!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today went to Wes coast park play we go jogging then go home .
About 11 am we go eat breakfast then go play playground play i
go play bb.Then 3 pm go back west coast play my cousin fall
down so funy sia very loud sound laugh then go help him then
go eat dinner then go home........

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